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Airport Shuttle & Passenger Transport

Food Service

We strive to offer our valued customers an exceptional food service experience during their taxi transport journey. Our primary goal is to ensure utmost comfort and convenience, coupled with the highest level of professionalism exhibited by our drivers.

Food Service

Want something to eat?

Our food is always fresh and prepared with love.


  • Niçoise Salad €11.90


  • Tiramisu €3.90


  • Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Vegetables and Rice €12.90
  • Chicken Tagine with Grapes and Bread or Rice €12.90
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I loved eating my carbonnade without even having to look for it when I arrived.

Ricardo Alveira

Homemade cuisine

Cooking with love

We work directly with a caterer who prepares a carefully thought-out, tasty menu for our customers. The food will be ready for you at the time of your reception. So that you can enjoy the best in the simplest and easiest way possible

Ready at arrival

Don't worry about looking for food, we'll bring you what you need.

How to order

It's very simple.

At the time of booking, on the form page where you fill in your details, you can choose your different meals. You can also comment on what you would like in more detail.


Warm and ready.

When you arrive, the food will be ready and piping hot so that you can enjoy it straight away.